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Brad Lee ACE former ACI MMCP
Brad Lee Biz, IT, Music Pro
Brad Lee Guitarist Vocalist

September 20, 2017 04:49:56 PM CST | Berklee Alum | Member Boston: Adobe, Angular, ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, Francophones, Front End Developers, Full Stack, jQuery, Live Music, Music-Technology, Musicians For Acoustic Music, Musicians Seeking Musicians, Online ColdFusion Meetup, PHP, ReactJS Boston, Software Engineers & Wedding Professionals User Groups

Brad Lee Available as Software Engineer / Web Developer / Systems Architect 50 LinkedIn Recommendations
Well versed in: ColdFusion, PHP, Java, .NET, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Flex, AS, jQuery, Angular, React, Jira, git
IT: FT W2 Mon - Fri
Music: PT 1099 weekends - Duo
IT rules: consistent, native, specific, KISS & DRY ... no different than music rules - less is more. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, etc.
Perfect IT gig = An organization that relies heavily on ColdFusion at a high level and may now be transitioning to or also relying on either .NET or Java or PHP. If onsite, up to 30 miles from Rockport, MA or 100% remote position. W2 with full benefits. No weekends. Salary TBD with incentive bonus.
I am a goal driven, very tech & trained, type A perfectionist w/a strong BG in biz, education, entertainment, multimedia, promo, pub, sales & mktg, web SW/IT... w/a passion for music & putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together.
Many certs / languages.
BG: Full US Fed Gov Secret Security Clearance
Business: Northeastern & Salem State MBA Alum
IT: Adobe Cert Exp (ACE) & Instructor (ACI), Macromedia Cert Pro (MMCP)
Music: Berklee Grad, Guitar Inst of Tech & UMass Alum - Guitar Perf
ColdFusion 9 Dev, Adv CF 8, Flex 3 w/AIR, Fast Track CF 8, Adv CF 8 Dev, Flex 3 & LiveCycle Data Svcs: Int w/CF 8, Flex 3 & LCDS: Int w/Data & Msg, Flex 3: Bldg Dshbd & Chart Apps, Flex 3: Dev CF 8 Rich Internet Apps, Flex 3: Dev Rich Int Apps, Dev Rich Client Apps, Ext & Styling Comps, ActionScript 3, Adv CF MX Dev, MX7 Dev, Dev ASP.NET App w/DW MX 04, Dreamweaver MX 2004: Dyn App Dev, Web Dev, Fast Track CF MX & MX7, Flash 8: AS, Adv Des, Rich Content Creation, Flash MX 04: Rich Media Des, Flash Video Dev, App Dev for Pgmrs, App Dev, Adv App Dev, Mvg 2 CF MX7, CF MX 7 Dev, Flash MX 2004 Dev, CF MX Dev, Dw MX 04 Dev, Flash MX Des
Decided NOT to teach PT - Adobe / FMC: Bos, Chi, Orl & DC
Volunteer: PT CA Animal Aid, Hospice Music Therapy, Building Autism Community, Rockport Music.

THE IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A LITTLE LONGER... Over the years, I have always enjoyed putting all the pieces of the puzzle together... and have always had the philosophy that nothing is worth doing unless you give it 110% and do it GREAT. A lot goes into maintaining that credo.

Information Technology (design, develop and maintain web based and mobile applications, presentations, software, websites):

Choosing a web designer/developer for your web presence is a lot like selecting an architect and/or contractor for your home or an advertising agency and/or PR firm for your business. Your site is largely an extension of you and/or your business. It should not be taken lightly. Try to resist the temptation to do it yourself or have a friend or relative create it for you. Yes, it may be fun... however it could also become frustrating and costly in the long run. It's no different for a multimedia presentation. Concept, creation and delivery all combine to make for a great first impression that you never have a second chance at. Perhaps an impression that lasts a lifetime. Especially if the presentation is for a high school or college graduation or awards night, a family reunion or wedding. Not to mention the cost implications of a new product presentation for a corporate gathering prior to launch. It's not as expensive as one might think to secure the services of a trained designer and developer for your next website, application or multimedia presentation - to showcase you and/or your products or services to the world... or perhaps a more modest sized audience at a once in a lifetime gathering. Trust that inner wisdom! Hire a professional. Brad Lee of is a solid option. As a former Adobe/Macromedia Certified Instructor for all levels of classes covering Air, ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, Flash and Flex... Brad has taught students from organizations such as EMC2 and NASA... and from as far away as Europe, Saudi Arabia and across the US. Very trained and absolutely addicted to perfection and 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, it's guaranteed! When your next project HAS to be perfect, consider Brad of

Music (solo fingerstyle guitar no-voc, Buffett style guitar and vocal soloist, fill in lead guitarist for pop, rock and GB bands - cocktail hours @ functions, concerts and wedding receptions and services on the east coast USA, and digitally delivered guitar centric music for any medium):

Make your event extra special by starting the music off with something unique, a little out of the ordinary, and above all - quite memorable. Brad is a Berklee grad with guitar as his primary instrument. Brad also studied at/with UMass Lowell and The Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood. After having played guitar for more than 4 decades, performing solo classical or jazz guitar arrangements, whether fingerstyle or with a pick is somewhat second nature to Brad... but always first rate for your event. Brad is also a self-proclaimed Parrothead and also offers Buffett tunes with solo guitar and vocal for pubs, happy hours, etc. Brad may be available as a fill in guitarist for larger events on the east coast (USA) with ample notice. Brad also delivers digital background music for projects in any medium.

From The Star-Spangled Banner to Jimmy Buffett... living life like a song, one tune at a time.

Brad Lee: one man band

sample mobile site: Brian Anthony Peluso Design House
Brad Lee: solo acoustic guitar & one man band
The ISLAND Music Trio

When it has to be perfect... consider Brad Lee... you'll be glad you did.